About us

ZEBRA was born in Irun, Euskal Herria, in 1999 as a brand for a wide variety of artistic products. He began dedicating himself to two-dimensional supports, but for evolutionary reasons he also expanded his field to three dimensions; encompassing sculpture and the textile world. The difficulty of selling your product and including it in the contemporary market leads to disguising it as a "clothing brand." Where more affordable prices make customers purchase screen prints printed on body-shaped textile supports, instead of on sheets or paintings with supposedly exorbitant prices. This new market opens up a range of possibilities in which consumers themselves become protagonists. The Allboarder concept is born.

Textile firms in general dedicate their designs and materials to a specific audience. A public focused on specific sports or specific situations. That is why ZEBRA decides to focus on sliding sports as a whole and not limit itself to just one. Skateboarders, Surfboarders, Snowboarders... to which are added Artists and Musicians forming Allboarders. Today, practitioners of these modalities are not limited to just one in particular. The archaic but romantic feeling of belonging to a single urban tribe is becoming extinct, giving way to this new concept in which all supports and ways of sliding are valid.

After years making murals, customizing all types of supports, modeling all types of materials and printing t-shirts with underground techniques, in 2010 we set up a modest screen printing workshop. Selling t-shirts among acquaintances and on the Internet had worked, and we could invest some money in our own production. We were fed up with the standard measurements that private labels offered, so we began research in textile factories. After months of testing in different places, asking for quotes, and comparing qualities, we were able to start our first collection. Patterns and designs were their own, and materials chosen in person. The measures stipulated by third parties are over.

As consumers that we have been throughout our lives of all these types of garments, we knew what we wanted to offer. Details that will facilitate the practice of all these sports. Garments that adapt to the situation in the mountains and also on the beach. Resistant fabrics, wide and thick hoods, high collars, zippers, secret pockets, eyelets on the sleeve to insert the thumb as a glove... And without a doubt, the star detail that all ZEBRA garments include: An Ace in the sleeve. A fabric label in the shape of an Ace of Hearts sewn on the inside of the sleeve and serves as a secret pocket. Curious detail with which the public begins to know ZEBRA as "the Ace in the Hole brand"

In October 2015 we decided to take an important step and open the doors of ZEBRA store&gallery at number 6 of the central Fermin Calbeton street in Irun, Gipuzkoa. A place where we can show our garments to the public and also exhibit paintings and sculptures.

After years of producing in the north of Portugal and in Madrid, since 2018 we have started working with a clothing workshop in Irun. Our idea is to bring all the production and try to manage everything locally, making “Made in Irun” another of our characteristics.

We have recently participated in the “10 Bitxiak” contest in which we were awarded a prize for “Commercial Jewel of the Bidasoa Region”.

The “Singular Dendak” program has also included us in its list of distinguished businesses in Gipuzkoa and we are working hard with them to continually improve our image and the way in which we offer ourselves to customers.